A Brush Of Air

Custom Airbrushing & Body Painting


Monster Motorcycle Helmet


Basic: $150-$250
Detailed: $550-$1000
Full detailed paint jobs
on helmets will cost a 
minimum of $550 & up
Insane Clown Possy Custom Hoodie

Clothing & Boots

Basic Tshirts: $80 & up
Detailed Items: 
$125 & up
Boots: $100-$350
Marilyn Monroe Canvas Piece

Canvas Pieces

4x6 & 8x10: 
$80 & up
$150 & up
18x24 & 20x20: 
$300 & up
Bathroom Under the Sea Wall Art

Wall Murals

Basic $500-$1500
Detailed: $1500-$5000
 These prices are calculated per wall
Body Painting Ideas

Body & Face Painting

Individual: $100/hr

Birthday Parties and Events: 

$100/hr for 

8-12 people 
$150/hr for 

12-20 people

Minimum of 3 hrs

These are general guidelines, please contact us for a more detailed quote on your item!

 Please note that a 25% deposit will be taken before beginning of any project and is non-refundable. 

Due to high demand all project due dates will be 4-5 weeks from signing of work order, each piece is a work of art and your understanding and patience is appreciated! Thank you!


Basic Paint Job( tank, 2 fenders, 2 sidebars) - $1800 

Basic Paint Job w/ Flames - starting at $2500

Murals - $350 - $1500


Hood & Trunk Murals - $800 - $5000
Basic Flame Job - $1500

Portraits for Motorcycles & Vehicles:

$1200 for 1st

$750 for 2nd

$750 for 3rd

and $750 for each individual portrait after

Example: A background scene of a dark forest with a night sky would be $800, add a picture of a loved one add $1200, add another loved one $750...........

Total price of the hood would be $2750